Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfection

Bixko Building Maintenance LLC is a Dubai Municipality Approved water tank cleaning company. Water Tanks should be cleaned twice annually as a mandatory rule from Dubai Municipality. The water tank is very much an essential thing is our life. Hence, the high importance of safety and maintenance of water storage.

We are capable of all types of water tanks with the due preliminary inspection. Each and every one of our professional cleaners/janitors are thoroughly trained in respect to cleaning task and have each successfully completed all of the necessary safety training involved. With cost-saving methodologies and hands-on, accessible management.

According to Dubai Municipality guidelines for control Legionella in water systems dated, 25/06/2010.

@ Water Systems have to be kept clean to reduce the nutrients available for bacteria growth. Regular visual inspections should be made at least every month to avoid the build-up of dirt, organic matter or other debris.

@ All Water systems which create a water spray or aerosol and Spa pools must be treated and maintained to minimize the risk of Legionella bacteria contamination. Water Tank Cleaning is a very essential part of Hygienic life.

Why do I need to clean my Water Tank?

a) Clean water is one of those things that we all depend on without giving it much thought. Even though most of us would buy bottled water for drinking, we still trust the water coming out of our taps to be clean and healthy enough for showering, cooking and washing dishes.

b) In Dubai, as in much of the Middle East, a common water solution is for villas to be supplied by pumped water from a water tank placed in close proximity to the villa. While convenient, the fact that each water tank is independently operated also means that it is up to the property owner or tenant to ensure that the water tank is regularly cleaned so that it does not become a source of water contamination.